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When we started Gorilla Concrete Tools we had two goals in mind: to get people off their hands and knees and to reduce the risks associated with concrete dust exposure. As well have expanded into early entry concrete saws and other floor prep equipment, we have continued building equipment following those two principles, along with making sure that they are easy to use and easy to operate.

We manufacture all of our equipment right here in the United States of America within our own facility to ensure that those principles are followed and to guarantee we are making a quality product for our consumers. 

The Gorilla Guarantee

  • Virtually Dust Free

  • No Slurry or Water'

  • Military Tested and Approve

  • Proudly Made in Ohio

The Team

Cartoon Version of President of OBHC Inc. Tim Jenkins
Cartoon Version of Vice President and Head Engineer of OBHC Inc. Kyle Jenkins
Cartoon Version of Office Manager of OBHC Inc. Chrissy Jenkins
Tim Jenkins
Kyle Jenkins
Chrissy Jenkins
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