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GCT-6 | Joint Milling Machine

GCT-6 joint milling machine


  • Excellent Dust Control

  • Quick Depth adjustment with 0.25" increments

  • Belt drive system to increase torque and reduce wear

  • Offset cutting head for multiple passes

  • Front and rear blade pointers for accurate cutting

  • Integrated blade wrench holder


Power Requirements:
Cutting Width:

Cutting Depth:   

Blade sizes:                

Arbor size:            

Vacuum Requirement:


120 volts 20 amps

Up to 1" wide

Adjustable up to 1"

6" (8 blades required)


115 lbs.

250 CFM

3400 RPM


The GCT-6 is a compact and easily portable unit that gives you all the power needed for cutting and cleaning out existing control joints. This is the perfect saw for joint rebuilding, widening, or doing wide pass cutting. It can cut up to 1" wide and 1" deep with ease. 

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