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GCT-8E | Electric Early Entry Joint Saw

The GCT-8E is the electric version of our GCT-8 Series III Early Entry. The GCT-8E built around excellent dust control and convenience for the operator. This premium early entry saws standard features range from our quick-change skid plate to the 2-position control handle. Powered by a standard 120 volt outlet to give you the power needed to turn an 8 inch blade to max depth with ease without the need for gas or propane. Adjusting the cutting depth couldn’t be easier, loosen the thumb knob and slide the stop to your desired cutting depth. Combined with our lifting and lower mechanism, this you to lift and lower the blade in seconds. Our unique blade housing and its large 2 inch dust port allows for virtually dustless concrete cutting. The self leveling quick-change skid plate integrated into the blade housing can be easily swapped/cleaned in seconds. To ensure that the user can accurately follow the cutting line, the saw comes equipped with a heavy duty front and rear pointer. All of these features are complimented by our ¼ inch heavy duty steel frame which helps to reduce vibrations, produce smoother cuts, and ensures years of reliability. And for an added convenience our optional all terrain wheel kit eliminates the need to carry the saw through construction zones. PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA


  • Excellent dust control

  • Green concrete skid plate

  • Up cut blade rotation

  • Quick blade depth adjustment

  • Integrated wrench holder

  • Heavy Duty bearings

  • Wide wheels for Stability

  • Front and rear blade pointers



Cutting Depth:

Blade sizes:

Arbor size:

Drive Belts:

Vacuum Requirement:

120 volt standard outlet

up to 2"

8" max



150 lbs



GCT-8E | Electric Early Entry Joint Saw

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